Yeast genomics in the classroom: identification of S. cerevisiae deletion strains that are hypersensitive to SDS, NaF and high temperature

Anna Ballew, Bio 55 Students, Martha Cyert, Tim Stearns. Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 337 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA, 94305, USA.

Bio 55 is a lab course in the Biological Sciences Department at Stanford that aims to train a select group of students to solve biological problems using the tools of genetics and genomics. In this course, the students learn about and make use of the modern toolkit of yeast genetics: the deletion collections, transcript microarrays, ORF tag microarrays, and advanced microscopy. In the initial part of this course we have screened the haploid yeast deletion strain collection for mutants that are sensitive to a variety of conditions, including 40 mM NaF, 0.01% SDS, and growth at 39 degrees. The screen was carried out using the MATa deletion collection and all strains that are sensitive are being re-tested in the MATalpha background as well. Based on the initial results, many of the strains that are sensitive to these conditions were deleted for genes involved in cell growth, metabolism and transport. Students participating in the course will design independent projects to follow up on findings from this screen. Final results from the screen and the student projects will be presented.

Program Nr. 439A from 2004 Yeast meeting

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