Welcome to the 24th Fungal Genetics Conference

March 20 - 25, 2007
Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, California

General Information
Online Registration
Registration is now closed. The meeting is at the site's capacity of 750 people.

Please note that the 24th Fungal Genetics Conference can only accept 750 registrants. The deadline for registering for the Fungal Genetics Conference is December 13th, but it is very important that you register for the meeting in a timely manner before meeting subscription reaches capacity. Those who register after the 750 person limit will go on a waiting list. In addition, if the meeting is oversubscribed (see Oversubscription Policy below and at http://www.fgsc.net/asil2007/24thFGC.htm ), lab directors who have more than 4 people who applied will need to reduce the total (including themselves) to four.

Oversubscription Policy

Space is limited at Asilomar Conference Center to 750 participants. To encourage participation by as many labs as possible, IN THE EVENT THAT THE MEETING IS OVERSUBSCRIBED, there will be a limit of four registrants from any one lab. For labs with multiple registration submissions, priority will be given to more senior graduate students and postdoctorals. If limiting attendance is necessary, first year graduate student registrations will be considered lowest priority, as there will be opportunities for them to attend a future meeting.

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