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Past and Present GSA Officers





Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
2017 L. Cooley J. Lee D. Greenstein P. Sengupta
2016 S. Fields L. Cooley D. Greenstein S. Jinks-Robertson
2015 J. Rine S. Fields A. Villeneuve S. Jinks-Robertson
2014 V. Chandler J. Rine A. Villeneuve S. Jinks-Robertson
2013 M. Lynch V. Chandler A. Villeneuve C.S. Newlon
2012 P. Hieter M. Lynch M.F. Wolfner C.S. Newlon
2011 P.W. Sternberg P. Hieter M.F. Wolfner C.S. Newlon
2010 R.S. Hawley P.W. Sternberg M.F. Wolfner T.F. Mackay
2009 F. Winston R.S. Hawley J.E. Haber T.F. Mackay
2008 T.M. Schüpbach F. Winston J.E. Haber T.F. Mackay
2007 A.C. Spradling T.M. Schüpbach J.E. Haber T.F. Mackay
2006 B.S. Ganetzky A.C. Spradling A.K. Hopper T.F. Mackay
2005 T. Orr-Weaver B.S. Ganetzky A.K. Hopper B.S.Weir
2004 M. Johnston T. Orr-Weaver A.K. Hopper B.S.Weir
2003 C. Kenyon M. Johnston B.T. Wakimoto B.S.Weir
2002 T.D. Petes C. Kenyon B.T. Wakimoto B.S.Weir
2001 M.B. Carlson T.D. Petes B.T. Wakimoto F. Winston
2000 J.E. Kimble M.B. Carlson S.L. Lindquist F. Winston
1999 E. M. Meyerowitz J.E. Kimble S.L. Lindquist F. Winston
1998 T.C. Kaufman E. M. Meyerowitz S.L. Lindquist B. S. Ganetzky
1997 D. Botstein T.C. Kaufman T.D. Petes B. S. Ganetzky
1996 R.E. Esposito D. Botstein T.D. Petes B. S. Ganetzky
1995 H.R. Horvitz R.E. Esposito T.D. Petes C.S. Newlon
1994 B.S. Baker H.R. Horvitz S. Roeder C.S. Newlon
1993 A.D. Kaiser B.S. Baker S. Roeder C.S. Newlon
1992 J.C. Lucchesi A.D. Kaiser S. Roeder C.S. Newlon
1991 L.H. Hartwell J.C. Lucchesi T.C. Kaufman C.S. Newlon
1990 R.L. Metzenberg L.H. Hartwell T.C. Kaufman C.S. Newlon
1989 D.L. Hartl R.L. Metzenberg T.C. Kaufman A.C. Spradling
1988 G.R. Fink D.L. Hartl A.P. Mahowald A.C. Spradling
1987 E.W. Jones G.R. Fink A.P. Mahowald A.C. Spradling
1986 D.L. Lindsley E.W. Jones A.P. Mahowald R.E. Esposito
1985 I. Herskowitz D.L. Lindsley H.W. Lewis R.E. Esposito
1984 R.W. Allard I. Herskowitz H.W. Lewis R.E. Esposito
1983 M.L. Pardue R.W. Allard H.W. Lewis A. Chovnick
1982 H.L. Car M.L. Pardue D.T. Suzuki A. Chovnick
1981 B.H. Judd H.L. Carson D.T. Suzuki A. Chovnick
1980 W.K. Baker B.H. Judd D.T. Suzuki W. Welshons
1979 E. Sears W.K. Baker G.R. Fink W. Welshons
1978 M. Shaw E. Sears G.R. Fink W. Welshons
1977 D.D. Perkins M. Shaw G.R. Fink D. Lindsley
1976 E.S. Russell D.D. Perkins B.H. Judd D. Lindsley
1975 O. Smithies E.S. Russell B.H. Judd D. Lindsley
1974 B. Wallace O. Smithies B.H. Judd G. Lefevre
1973 M.M. Green B. Wallace M.W. Shaw G. Lefevre
1972 R.D. Hotchkiss M.M. Green M.W. Shaw G. Lefevre
1971 R.P. Wagner R.D. Hotchkiss M.W. Shaw D.R. Stadler
1970 N.H. Giles Jr. R.P. Wagner B. Wallace D.R. Stadler
1969 C. Yanofsky N.H. Giles Jr. B. Wallace D.R. Stadler
1968 H.L. Roman C. Yanofsky B. Wallace A.H. Sparrow
1967 E.B. Lewis H.L. Roman R.P. Wagner A.H. Sparrow
1966 E.W. Caspari E.B. Lewis R.P. Wagner A.H. Sparrow
1965 W.L. Russell E.W. Caspari R.P. Wagner E. Novitski
1964 S. Emerson H.L. Roman E.B. Lewis E. Novitski
1963 Jack Schulz S. Emerson E.B. Lewis E. Novitski
1962 R.D. Owen W.L. Russell E.B. Lewis D. Schwartz
1961 B.P. Kaufmann R.D. Owen W.L. Russell D. Schwartz
1960 J.F. Crow H.B. Glass W.L. Russell D. Schwartz
1959 Karl Sax J.W. Boyes W.L. Russell R.D. Owen
1958 C.P. Oliver J.F. Crow H.B. Newcombe R.D. Owen
1957 R.A. Brink C.P. Oliver H.B. Newcombe R.D. Owen
1956 R.E. Cleland J.L. Bush H.B. Newcombe N.H. Giles Jr.
1955 P.C. Mangelsdorf R.E. Cleland C.P. Oliver N.H. Giles Jr.
1954 J.T. Patterson R.A. Brink C.P. Oliver N.H. Giles Jr.
1953 R.E. Clausen W.R. Singleton C.P. Oliver E.W. Caspari
1952 J.W. Gowen R.E. Clausen W.R. Singleton E.W. Caspari
1951 M. R. Irwin J.W. Gowen W.R. Singleton E.W. Caspari


1950 Curt Stern M. R. Irwin W.R. Singleton  
1949 T.M. Sonneborn Curt Stern M. R. Irwin  
1948 L.H. Snyder T.M. Sonneborn M. R. Irwin  
1947 H.J. Muller L.H. Snyder M. R. Irwin  
1946 G.W. Beadle Karl Sax L.H. Snyder  
1945 B. McClintock P.C. Mangelsdorf L.H. Snyder  
1944 A.H. Sturtevant B.P. Kaufmann L.H. Snyder  
1943 M.M. Rhoades G.W. Beadle B.P. Kaufmann  
1942 E.W. Lindstrom M.M. Rhoades B.P. Kaufmann  
1941 Th. Dobzhansky E.W. Lindstrom B.P. Kaufmann  
1940 L.J. Cole Th. Dobzhansky E.W. Lindstrom  
1939 M. Demerec B. McClintock E.W. Lindstrom  
1938 L.J.Stadler M. Demerec E.W. Lindstrom  
1937 E.M. East L.J. Cole M. Demerec  
1936 P.W. Whiting L.J.Stadler M. Demerec  
1935 D.F Jones P.W. Whiting M. Demerec  
1934 Sewall Wright D.F Jones P.W. Whiting  
1933 R.A. Emerson Sewall Wright P.W. Whiting  
1932 L.C. Dunn F.D. Richey P.W. Whiting  





  M. Johnston (2008-Present)
  E. Jones (1996-2008)
  J.W. Drake (1982-1996)
  G. Lefevre (1977-1981)
  D.R. Stadler (1973-1976)
  F.W. Caspari (1968-1972)
  D.D. Perkins (1963-1967)
  C.P. Oliver & W.S. Stone (1957-1962)
  R.A. Brink & J.F. Crow (1952-1956)
  C. Stern (1947-1951)
  M.M Rhoades (1940-1946)
  L.C. Dunn (1936-1939)
  D.F. Jones (1926-1935)
  G.H. Schull (1916-1925)

Editors-In-Chief, G3:Genes|Genomes|Genetics

  B. Andrews (2011-Present)