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Policy Fellowships


Good policy needs the active engagement of scientists, who are critical to ensuring that decisions affecting the public reflect scientific knowledge and sustain support for innovation.


For scientists interested in a public policy career working for elected officials, government agencies, and nonprofits, fellowships are a valuable training opportunity.


The GSA Policy Fellowship Database is a searchable central repository that highlights training opportunities in this field. Users can filter by required education, location, compensation, application deadline, and other features, making it easier to find opportunities that fit the unique needs of each applicant.


To submit fellowships for inclusion in the database, simply click the “Submit New Fellowship” button at the bottom of the database homepage.


GSA Policy Fellowship Database


To learn more about individual programs, explore our interview series on Genes to Genomes.


This database is curated by the Early Career Scientist Policy Subcommittee.


To submit an update request, e-mail


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