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Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Awards
The GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards
DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics
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(Drosophila Conference only)


This award, which honors the memory of Victoria Finnerty, has been established to support travel costs for undergraduates engaged in research to attend the Annual Drosophila Research Conference. Vickie, who died in February 2011, was a long-time member of the Genetics Society of America and served the Drosophila community and the Genetics community at large in many capacities.


A wonderful geneticist, Vickie’s ground-breaking work as a graduate student used high resolution recombination analysis to dissect gene structure. This set the stage for a 35 year career in which she excelled as a gifted teacher as well as research scientist. Vickie was known for her creativity in and dedication to the training of undergraduates in Drosophila genetics; her passion for the field of genetics was contagious. Vickie was also a wise and compassionate mentor and teacher for whom interactions with her students was a constant joy. She constantly sought new ways to engage undergraduates in their genetics courses and in research; this travel fellowship fund will continue Vickie’s stellar example.

Applicants must be GSA members, and can only use these awards to present research at the Drosophila Conference.  Applications must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, one from the PI of the laboratory in which the applicant is conducting research, and the other from a postdoc, graduate student, or technician with whom the applicant works directly or another professor familiar with the research. 


Current Victoria Finnerty Award Winners


Year Name Institution at Time of Award
2018 Leah Anderson The Ohio State University
2018 Elizabeth Hemenway University of Missouri-Kansas City
2018 Oandy Naranjo Boston University
2018 Emily Rivard College of the Holy Cross
2018 Yonatan Schwartz Yeshiva University
2018 Nicholas Bulthuis Loyola University Chicago
2018 Karam Khateeb University of Wisconsin-Madison
2018 Jingxian Liu Cornell University
2018 Rose Besen-McNally College of the Atlantic research done at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
2018 Katie Tiemeyer Boston University

Previous Finnerty Award Winners


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